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Reports and testimony


"I have been most privileged to have received a number of treatments with the singing bowl from Jimmy. At frist I did not know what to expect having never experienced this type of therapy before. The results were profound having allowed me to move forward beyond some difficult times in my life and find true contentment and wellbeing. I would recommend this therapy to everyone as it works on many levels and may help an individual transcend many ailments and disturbed states of health."

Lanchlan F. Brisbane, Australia

"The singing bowl treatment with Jimmy was very relaxing and gave me the time to let my body relax. My family around me observed beneficial change in my outlook and my damaged knee is making a nice rate of recovery, letting the body get on with its healing."

David F. Brisbane, Australia

"My Singing Bowl treatments left me feeling relaxed and contented. Jimmy's positive energy and the harmony of the Singing Bowl led me to a deep sense of peace and tranquility. Thank you, Jimmy. Your care for my wellness is most appreciated."

Elizabeth Brisbane, Australia


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