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Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage

The massage will bring you deep relaxation. These vibrations will help you relax the muscles and release tension.

Take the time to reconnect with her body through vibration allows you to tune with yourself. This tool is an opportunity to refocus and helps to restore the balance by deep relaxation. This is the body back to its tune.

How it works?

Mallets are used to create sound vibrations. When the singing bowl is struck or rubbed, it produces harmonics of different intensities.

Water is an excellent medium for sound and vibration. As the body is composed in major proportion of water when the bowl is placed thereon, it allows the harmonic resonance crossing muscles and helps to release the accumulated tension. This allows body cells start phase and bring them back to their natural vibrations. It's like tuning a guitar with a diapason. The singing bowl is used to restore the body to its tune. This release allows the body to improve overall energy circulation.

The person remains dressed, the bowl is placed on the body on different places. This type of massage therefore does not require the use of oil.

Tarification 2017:

(plus taxes)

  • Discovery 30 min: $42
    relaxation sound/vibration massage on chair
  • Melody 1h: $80
    relaxation sound/vibration massage
  • Symphony 1h30: $100
    relaxation sound/vibration massage and specifics points
  • Opera 2h: $130
    relaxation sound/vibration massage and deep tissus tension's releases

Initiatory workshop with bowls

This workshop is open to people interested in their own personal development and who wish to improve the quality and balance of their lives. You will get the privilege to know this great tool for relaxation and meditation. No prerequisite is required.

The workshop's main objective is to teach:

  • how to choose the right bowl
  • how to use it for meditation and healing
  • how to free and harmonize physical and mental body, and the various subtle bodies
  • how to work on the main chakras

Tibetan bowls importation